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Our Custom Mosaic Design Process  

We work with private clients, designers, architects, tile showrooms and builders to evaluate, specify and create mosaic and inlay or stone  marquetry floor patterns out of our semi-precious stones.  Please visit "Our Capabilities" to learn more. Our design process involves thoroughly understanding the client's taste and personality in order to capture the vision of the final creation, while combining our knowledge of historical and period styles to develop a authentic concept.  

  • Initial consultation - Commences usually at the drawing stages of a project. Inspirational images and architectural styles are refined at this point. Blueprints are helpful.  You may also elect to draw a layout of the space, marking doors, tubs, toilets, vanities/cabinets, pedestal sinks, electrical outlets, and HVAC vents.

  • For commercial projects, a subsequent technical review based on application and use is performed. Discussions with contractor/architect are necessary.

  • Renderings - For larger scale projects, we will present a concept board for each room and renderings of the spaces. This is performed in conjunction with the designer and client. We specialize in the hard surface design and become an additional asset to you and your designer in the creation process.

  • Budget Review - Once a vision has been created, we will work together with the designer and client to determine the proper allowance per area.

  • Detailed installation specifications/drawings are provided for the architect and contractor. Additional services are available, such as Job site installation consultation, as required.

Ready to Order?

If you have a design in mind you can get started today!  If you need inspiration, we can also provide some resources to assist you, please just give us a call:

1 Send us an image or design, either from our website or other inspiration along with a layout of the space with measurements, noting tubs, toilets, cabinets, etc.  Review our color swatches and indicate the combination that you prefer.

2 Upon receipt, we will set up some time to review your project and develop a preliminary estimate.  Upon approval of the estimate, we will commence with design and production. 

3 A digital rendering will be prepared of the design with color proposals.  Color selection will be made and a small sample of the approved selection will be created.  A digital image will be emailed to you and can be physically mailed as an option.  


  • Consider creating a template for a precise layout of your mosaic.   Using heavy, kraft paper you can lay it in the room and cut it to size.  You may need to piece together multiple sections to render the entire space.

  • For borders note if the surface is a wall or floor and the proper placement of the border on the template. For example, if you would like the border to start 4" from the wall, label the drawing accordingly.

  • The direction of the field mosaics to be installed inside or outside of a border should be noted (straight or on a diagonal.)

  • Label the layout with any reference numbers, room names, name of the designer or architect.

Contact us now for a custom mosaic estimate at 202-234-7287 or



The art of custom mosaics

is determining the statement

you wish to make.


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