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Design services: DeZahra has staffed designers with expertise in various historical eras, with an emphasis on Italian, Roman, and Mediterranean influences.  We can create authentic reproductions of antique piece, using our library containing numerous reference books, a collection developed over several decades.  In addition, we can develop custom designs based on the collaboration between the client or designer or simply inspiration from the space itself.   We can assist with conceptualization or reproduce according to a specified design. 

Mosaic workshop: We create your mosaic or inlay in our workshops in Tunisia. Your mosaic will be pre-mounted in a flexible fiberglass mesh, using the best in class Italian adhesive.  If you wish to have an inlaid piece, we utilize the traditional methods of Pietre Dure Stone Inlay, providing an antiqued, aged appearance in our medallions and tabletops.  Many of our clients, while traveling in the Mediterranean stop by to see their work in progress or upon completion. 

Commercial mosaic projects: We have a commercial division for hospitality work in hotels and restaurants.  A project manager is assigned to monitor timing and logistics.   We will produce strike off samples for color matching and specification purposes as well as produce shop drawings and colorized renderings.  

Installation Consultation: For large scale projects, we can provide on site assistance and consultation. 

Material selection: We primarily focus on semi-precious stone, traditionally used by the Romans and Cosmati, in order to ensure that your ultimate design is as unique as you want it to be.   However, we can also incorporate materials per your specification that are not included in our standard palette.   We can provide a marble swatch board with our colors for inlay patterns and custom mosaics on request.    

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