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Our hand cut mosaics are also among the best in the world, manufactured in Tunisia, our luxury, custom mosaics can be found in some of the most exclusive tile and stone showrooms in the world.

Tunisia has a long history of this craft and, even today is recognized by having some of the most abundant, well preserved mosaics in existence in the world.    With the country situated only 87 miles south of Italy its culture was heavily influenced by Roman culture.   Tunisia is the home of the ancient city of Carthage, one of the wealthiest regions in the Roman Empire. Carthage was known for its highly skilled artisans and the availability of highly prized marbles.  Today, this mosaic craft is still a vibrant trade and artisans have been producing most of the beautiful mosaics for Europe for centuries. Highly skilled Tunisian artisans have been the secret of the Italians and for years and DeZahra is now bringing this work direct from our factories in Tunisia to the United States.

We create custom mosaics, using the same semi precious stones that were used in works in Italy and throughout the Roman empire.  Many of the semi precious stones used originate from Tunisia.   We create reproductions of historical pieces and unique inlay patterns for both contemporary and traditional venues. Many of our designs incorporate reclaimed, antique ceramics as well as our Tunisian stones. We produce mesh mounted mosaics and medallions.

Mosaic applications include:

  • Lobbies, foyers, entrances and driveways,

  • Bathrooms, outdoor patios, kitchen floors and backsplashes, pool areas, 

To get started, please view our design process and patterns.


The art of custom mosaics

is determining the statement

you wish to make.



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